Our Activities

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Water Day

Thumbnail: Water Day
44 Images

Weather doesn't stop us!

Book Character Dress Up

Thumbnail: Book Character Dress Up
31 Images

To end our Scholastic Book Fair, students dressed up as characters from their favourite books.

Piako GymSports Festival 2019

Thumbnail: Piako GymSports Festival 2019
26 Images

21 students had a great day enjoying Gymnastics

Wacky Hair Day 2019

Thumbnail: Wacky Hair Day 2019
38 Images

Fantastic creations with our hair!

Royal NZ Air Force

Thumbnail: Royal NZ Air Force
37 Images

We were very lucky to have the Royal NZ Air Force visit us

Pavement Art

Thumbnail: Pavement Art
40 Images

A room 9 reading group planned the whole session after being inspired by a journal article.

Tryathlon 2019

Thumbnail: Tryathlon 2019
215 Images

It poured down, but we had so much fun!

Family Picnic 2019

Thumbnail: Family Picnic 2019
299 Images

This year the weather was great!

Dress Up Day

Thumbnail: Dress Up Day
43 Images

Thanks to Leah we had a Halloween Dress Up Day

Wacky Hair Day

Thumbnail: Wacky Hair Day
58 Images

Check out our creations for 2018!

Fairy Tale Day

Thumbnail: Fairy Tale Day
12 Images

WE came as our favourite book characters

Star Wars Day

Thumbnail: Star Wars Day
19 Images

May the 4th be with you!!!

Commonwealth Lunchtime

Thumbnail: Commonwealth Lunchtime
23 Images

Room 9 organised a wide range of fun games & events for us to have a go at.

Hamilton Trip

Thumbnail: Hamilton Trip
12 Images

We all got on the buses and travelled to the Waikato Museum, followed by the Hamilton Gardens

Dress Up Day

Thumbnail: Dress Up Day
17 Images

Leah wrote a letter to the Principal and this is what happened!

Cross Country

Thumbnail: Cross Country
112 Images

We had our very first school cross country. Thanks to Casey Jones for setting up an awesome course.

EPro8 Science Challenge

Thumbnail: EPro8 Science Challenge
8 Images

Poppy, Kieran, Fleur & Lucas were the Te Poi Storm and were outstanding competitors

Cotter & PTA cup action

Thumbnail: Cotter & PTA cup action
11 Images

Our first netball team in years competed and our hockey team were victorious.

Wacky Hair Day 2017

Thumbnail: Wacky Hair Day 2017
49 Images

We out did ourselves this year.

Family Picnic

Thumbnail: Family Picnic
330 Images

New venue, new waterslide. Thank you Ruegger's for hosting an outstanding evening.

International Pirate Day

Thumbnail: International Pirate Day
19 Images

Thanks to Alexander we all had a great pirate themed day.

Conservation Week

Thumbnail: Conservation Week
11 Images

We incorporated Clean Up NZ with planting trees on Moss's farm.

St John's Visit

Thumbnail: St John's Visit
30 Images

We learnt CPR and how to call for help.

ANZAC Service

Thumbnail: ANZAC Service
34 Images

We held a special assembly to commemorate the ANZAC's

Te Waihou Walk

Thumbnail: Te Waihou Walk
8 Images

Special thanks to Mrs Roskam for these photos.

Wallace Gallery

Thumbnail: Wallace Gallery
11 Images

We had our first exhibition opening this term. Digital Illusions.

Book Week

Thumbnail: Book Week
65 Images

Check out what we got up to!

Te Poi Combined Hockey Team

Thumbnail: Te Poi Combined Hockey Team
7 Images

Te Poi Senior team made it to the big final.

RNZB workshops

Thumbnail: RNZB workshops
57 Images

See us in action working with Pagan from Royal NZ Ballet.

The 3 Kauri Walk

Thumbnail: The 3 Kauri Walk
19 Images

The whole school crossed rivers and went on an amazing walk.

Save the Planet

Thumbnail: Save the Planet
14 Images

We were spectacular even with the storm blowing all around us!

Sarah Ulmers Visit

Thumbnail: Sarah Ulmers Visit
6 Images

Olympic Ambassador Sarah Ulmer came to talk to us about winning her medals and joined us for some biking fun.

The Westpac Chopper

Thumbnail: The Westpac Chopper
12 Images

As part of Wacky Hair day the Westpac Rescue chopper came in to land for a visit with Bundee Aki.

Enviroschools Exhibit

Thumbnail: Enviroschools Exhibit
14 Images

The Waikato Museum is hosting an Enviroschools exhibition and we are front and centre!

Art Trip

Thumbnail: Art Trip
46 Images

The whole school went to the Wallace Art Gallery and then onto the Sculpture Park

Working Bee

Thumbnail: Working Bee
20 Images

What an amazing crew we had tidying our school!


Thumbnail: Skipathon
36 Images

We skipped our hardest for the Heart Foundation.

1912's Day

Thumbnail: 1912's Day
15 Images

It is scary being in a class in 1912!

Kristen's Memorial

Thumbnail: Kristen's Memorial
13 Images

We all gathered in the Native Area for a very special time remembering Kristen.